Risk Awareness and Acceptance

The Aqua Park is a potentially dangerous activity that can lead to serious injury if not undertaken with appropriate equipment and suitable precautions in place. Allerthorpe Lakeland Park has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure that you have a safe and fun experience through the use of top quality equipment and the employment of highly trained and experienced staff. However, it is important to understand that, in any context, risk can never be fully eliminated, and that you accept that activities at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park are conducted at your own risk, and that you knowingly and freely assume responsibility for your participation and for the participation of any participants for whom you are legally responsible.

Allerthorpe Lakeland Park is not responsible for any and/or all injury, disability, death or loss or damage to any person or property arising from your own carelessness or negligence and/or failure to follow instructions or the safety briefings. However, nothing in this Risk Acceptance form excludes or limits liability for death or personal injury as a consequence of Allerthorpe Lakeland Park’s negligence.

Please report to the Aqua Park check in at the beginning of each visit to Allerthorpe Lakeland Park for a full safety briefing. All participants must listen carefully to, and comply fully with, all safety briefings and instructions before taking part in any activities. You must NOT partake in any activity if you do not feel you have understood the briefings and/or instructions. If you require more assistance please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Allerthorpe Lakeland Park team.

All participants must obey all instructions given by Allerthorpe Lakeland Park staff at all times./p>

All special needs (e.g. physical disabilities) or health/medical issues (e.g. seizures, heart problems, asthma, diabetes, allergies) or existing injuries (e.g. sprains, fractures, or cuts) that might impact upon your health, safety, and welfare whilst taking part in this activity must be reported to an Allerthorpe Lakeland Park member of staff before taking part.

By booking with us, you declare that you are the parent or guardian of any children in the group, or, if not, that you have the authority from the child(ren)’s parent(s)or guardian(s) to sign to confirm consent on their behalf. By booking with us, you confirm you have read and understood the above guidelines and fully accept the risks associated with taking part in the activities provided by Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, and you agree to hold harmless Allerthorpe Lakeland Park against liability of any kind (in relation to any loss or injury) that arises as a result of participants’ own negligence or failure to follow instruction or the safety briefings. Own negligence or failure to follow instruction or the safety briefings

Please read the Aqua Park rules and refund policy, before placing your booking.