Open Water Swimming

Open water swimming at Allerthorpe Lakeland Park

Ever get fed up with staring at the lines in the bottom of the pool?

Our main lake is man made, a maximum depth of 7ft and a sandy bottom with no weeds. Being comparatively shallow to other lakes it also gets very warm with our thermometers reading a top temperature of 28 degrees at the height of summer, perfect for open water swimming beginners and enthusiasts. Early and late season swims at low temperatures are recommended for our regular or experienced open water swimmers.

The current main lake water temperature is 17.5c | checked 17/05/2022

Open Swim Sessions 2022:

  • Tuesday – Sunday: 9am – 10am
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9am – 10.30am
  • Evenings: Monday & Wednesday 5pm – 7.30pm
  • 2022 Cost

    Swim membership is £30 for the season with £4 per session or non members are £6.00 per swim. Payable on arrival at reception.

    No booking online is required for open water swimming activity. Payment is on reception on arrival. Cost of admission is not required unless staying on-site after the swimming session has finished, in which case please pre-book admission online.

    Swim Registration Form

    Please complete our swim registration form, complete and either send it back to us on our new registration form email address or bring it with you on the day you come. This form will only need to be completed once a year. When you arrive on site you will need to visit the reception, hand your form in and sign in. We take payment at the reception for open water swimming and contact-less payment is available. The email address to send your forms over to is
    • Swimmers must complete the O.W.S Registration Form.
    • Swimmers must sign in and pay at reception before each swim.
    • Swimmers must familiarise themselves with all documentation provided: Swim Rules, Emergency procedure and Lake Zoning Map and any additional information provided.
    • Swimmers must sign out after they exit the lake.
    • All borrowed or hired equipment must be returned.
    • Water Temperature <14c wetsuits are compulsory.
    • Water Temperature >15c wetsuits are optional.
    • Brightly coloured swim caps are mandatory to aid visibility and rescue launch operations.


    Changing facilities are under renovation therefore please ensure you bring your big towel and use the area in front/behind your vehicle to change. The Lakeside Cafe is open for takeaway food and drinks, with plenty of bench seating around the main lake and a marquee near reception for cover marquee for undercover near rec. Wetsuits are not available to hire at present.

    Admission booking:

    Open water swimming is NOT on our activity booking system. Admission booking is NOT required to be booked for this activity unless you intend to stay on site after swimming session is over then you do need to pre-book admission and any other activities. If you intend to stay at the park after the open water swimming session has finished then please pre-book an admission ticket – see the link below.


    Junior Swimmers

    Anybody under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the water, if you’ve got a tow float just make sure they are wearing one and inform safety cover on arrival.
    • Swimmers 17 years or younger should be accompanied on site.
    • Swimmers 14 years or younger will have swim access starting at 15c (water temperature).
    • Accompanying adults will be responsible for associated minors on site

    The Course

    Accessing the lake from the slip way you can join the 400m course with fluorescent markers buoys every 100m.
    • The minimum temperature for swimming is 11c, below this there will be no swim access.
    • There is strictly no entry to the lake before safety precautions are in place, the resuce launch operator will give the all clear when it is safe to enter the lake.
    • Swimmers should enter and exit the lake using the designated transition point.
    • Other exit points should only be used in the event of an emergency.
    • Swim sessions will only operate while the water quality meets the recommended EEC levels for Bathing.


    We provide safety cover from the powered rescue launch for the duration of the swim sessions. We ask that all swimmers wear brightly coloured swim caps to aid the safety boat crew identifying swimmers while operating. Further most parts of the course are fairly close to the bank, if you can’t already stand up, and there’s plenty of places to perch and catch your breath again.
    • Any accidents or incidents must be reported to a member of staff.
    • Swimmers should adhere to the course provided.
    • Swimmers should refrain from shouting, whistling or waving except for emergencies.
    • Where possible swimmers should swim in pairs.
    • ALP reserves the right to refuse access to anyone they deem to be unfit to take part.


    Advice and support for beginner swimmers available. Coached sessions available for all levels of open water swimmers and triathletes. Please contact us for further details.
    Fishing Lake

    Fishing Lake

    The fishing lake is set with in the peaceful grounds of Allerthorpe Lakeland Park, surrounded by mature woodland.

    Group Activities

    Group Activities

    We offer a range of group activities which can be tailor made to suit your group’s requirements.

    New for 2018


    It’s loads of fun, a great workout, and most importantly, anyone can do it because it’s easy to learn.



    We hire out Sailing boats in two hour slots, these can be fully rigged ready for use, or assisted rigging if the hirer wishes to rig the boat.

    Popular with families

    Popular with families

    Popular with families, particularly those with younger children, a Pedalo is very stable and simple to use.

    Canadian Catarmaran

    Canadian Catarmaran

    This craft consists of two Open Canoes braced and lashed together side by side, perfectly stable with four comfortable roto-moulded seats.

    Sit On Top & Closed

    Sit On Top & Closed

    Sit on Top Kayaks are smaller single person craft and Closed Cockpit Kayaks are available.

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